When Burgerfest left Taunton it left a hole in every burger fans heart. However like a phoenix from the flames Hubbox, a south-west orientated gourmet burger chain, appeared with a trendy decor and a whole slew of very exciting sounding burgers, all served up by incredibly young hipster millennial’s.

I won’t pretend this is my only ever visit to Hubbox because is not as you will see from the previous review however this was my first time trying this particular burger. Also this was my first visit without the addition of lots of beer on a lads outing.

I visited with my young family and so here I got the chance to see health staff would react with a family situation and also got to try a few items I probably would have on my own.

The burger I ordered was called the Hub Burger and straight away I knew it was going to be a banger. The patty itself: thick, juicy, medium-cooked, incredibly meaty, delicious! The bacon: super-fatty, super-crispy, super-caramelised, super-tasty. The sauce: creamy, cheesy, thick, delicious but the best part about Hubbox is their buns.

They cook, or shall I say bake, their buns daily and it shows there really is no burger bun quite like a Hubbox bun because it’s just so soft and airy and delicious and it really makes the entire burger an entirely different, and more decadent, experience.

I have been to other chains who have managed to get their buns so ridiculously soft and moist often by steaming the entire burger after it’s been cooked however I don’t get the feeling that that’s the case here because this lettuce was still super crispy and didn’t feel wet just felt fresh.

Overall a really great burger which was perfectly complemented by delicious fries and other sides and some fairly decent service all things considered.