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Eating TWO Smoak BBQ “Bucket” Burger Challenges in Rochester, Minnesota!!

American professional eater Randy Santel took on Smoak BBQ’s legendary 5lb “Bucket” Burger Challenge in Rochester, Minnesota, as part of his statewide food challenge tour. This iconic challenge has been attempted by hundreds over the years, with about 20 victors emerging. Among them, Randy’s friend @JoelHansen stands out for conquering the challenge not once, but twice consecutively within the 30-minute time limit.

At Smoak BBQ, the “Bucket” Burger Challenge is a feast to behold. Stacked within this towering behemoth are two grilled cheese sandwiches, four juicy hamburger patties, a melange of Pepper Jack and American cheeses, crispy bacon strips, succulent BBQ pulled pork, spicy jalapeno cheddar sausages, tantalizing SMOAK’d pastrami, crunchy fried cheese curds, and a fiery fried Nashville hot chicken breast. Topping it off are two bacon-wrapped “Texas Twinkies” oozing with smoked beef brisket and cream cheese.

Served alongside the colossal burger is a mound of Smoak BBQ’s famous fries, totaling over a pound, accompanied by a refreshing bottle of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi. Participants pay a fixed fee of $50, whether they emerge victorious or not, but winners claim more than just bragging rights. They receive a coveted t-shirt, a bottle of Smoak BBQ’s signature barbecue sauce, and the honor of having their photo grace the esteemed Wall of Fame.

Randy’s plan was ambitious yet straightforward: tackle one challenge, reset the timer, and dive into the second burger. With determination in his eyes and support from the enthusiastic crowd gathered at Smoak BBQ, Randy embarked on this epic culinary journey.

Heartfelt thanks go out to the team at Smoak BBQ for their warm hospitality and delicious offerings. Randy extends his gratitude to the supportive community in Rochester and throughout Minnesota for their unwavering encouragement. As Randy continues his gastronomic adventures across the Land of 10,000 Lakes, stay tuned for more thrilling eating challenge videos sure to tantalize taste buds and inspire foodies everywhere.

I am a burger fanatic, love junk food in general but there's something special about a burger. I am owner and chief burger taster for this website.

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