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How to only ever pay £1.99 for a Big Mac, Filet-o-fish or Vegetable Deluxe (With Fries) in McDonald’s.

I wouldn’t say this is a secret but it’s certainly not massively well used (considering its literally printed on every receipt) but I’m going to tell you how to pay only £1.99 for a Big Mac and fries and to only ever pay £1.99 for a Big Mac and fries, forever. If you have never done this I can only assume that you either don’t read the receipt, or think it’s too much hassle. Hopefully I can convince you otherwise.

Yes, a small amount of effort required here that will take around 2 to 3 minutes but this way you will be able to continuously get either a Big Mac and fries, Filet-o-fish or a Vegetable deluxe for only £1.99 every time you order one and you can even customise them.

This trick requires you had at least bought something from McDonald’s, doesn’t matter what it is or how much you paid but you will need a receipt. If you have ordered online this is even easier as your receipt will be emailed to you and what you need is the first 12 digits from the order code and the value of the order.

With either your receipt or that code / receipt in hand you’re going to browse to, McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey page. Effectively your offer for a £1.99 Big Mac, Filet-o-fish or Vegetable burger (and fries) is your reward for filling out a small survey about your experience.

So simply follow the instructions, fill in the 12 characters and the value and then page by page answer appropriately about your experience. It will only take you 1 minutes longer to answer accurately then it would just blag it so you just as well provide some value to McDonald’s.

Once you have completed answering all the questions you’ll be given an option to print or to email your voucher to you.

The easiest way I found here is to select the print option and then from your mobile, where you obviously have the app installed, simply scan the QR code. The offer is then added to your offers section and then it will be ready for you for the next time you visit McDonald’s.

Open up the app
Select Scan Vouchers
Scan the voucher

Boom, next time it’s 1.99 again.

To ensure you never forget to scan your code make a habit of, when finishing your Big Mac, that you redeem that voucher from that order so your offer code is sat waiting for the next time.

Given that now the Big Mac, Filet-o-fish and Vegetable Deluxe burger are so affordable and accessible in perpetuity, why not go a little bit wild and try sampling at some custom orders. My current favourite is to add extra pickles for no extra charge extra Big Mac sauce for no extra charge and then sometime I add extra cheese and extra bacon for an extra decadent Big Mac.

McDonald’s won’t charge you for the extra pickles or the extra Big Mac sauce but they will charge you extra for the cheese and extra for the bacon. I’ve actually found that if you just had one lot of bacon often you’ll end up with a decent handful anyway but if you really do like bacon you can actually add up to two lots.

I am a burger fanatic, love junk food in general but there's something special about a burger. I am owner and chief burger taster for this website.

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  1. Thank you! As an ex employee i didnt know you could use the email receipt aswell!


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