We’re all aware of the hype that is the impossible burger and the B12 and while travelling back from a meeting along the M5 I stopped in Strensham for a refuel.

Usually I’d opt for either something borderline healthy (due to being sat down for hours) or absolutely disastrous.

Walking past the very expensive vegan / healthy / hipster joint Leon this “Love burger” caught my eye.

I was a butcher for 6 years through my teens and I run a burger review website so it’s fair to say I’m not a vegetarian, but the wife eats a lot of veggie meals so I’ve eroded into becoming relatively open minded. The Love burger isn’t just veggie, it’s full on vegan which is a tall order for a burger covered in mayo.

The Love burger is a full on meat replacement burger, made with a mix of soya, beetroot and spices.

Surprising its actually quite high in calories at 482 as a whole due to the sheer amount of carbs (47g, that’s your intermittent fasting limit in one burger) and sugar and also has plenty of salt so is veggie really healthy? Not necessarily.

First thing i noticed on biting into it is the taste, it reminded me of a flavour of the veggie burgers at school, not a bad thing. A very strong flavour of corn.

The texture was close, I guess similar to a really tight patty but it was incredibly, incredibly sticky.

I guess all the sugar seeps out from the beetroot and caramelises on the outside, this then becomes a thick caramel coating that armors the odd orange insides.

Overall pleasant enough. Would I buy another, probably not, but I’m glad I tried it anyway and I’m probably not the target market.

I do still need to tackle an Impossible and a B12 which to be fair are pretending to be a burger, the Love from Leon is really not, it’s trying to be a very classy veggie burger with all the familiar marketing and presentation of a traditional burger. There is a difference.

Special mention that the flavoured mayo was actually pretty decent and the bun not too shabby potato affair. The lettuce was 50% hard core so yeah, not ideal.