A buddy and I decided to hit up our local pub for some beer and food. An obvious choice to try their burgers given the country location and home-made vibe.

On asking what was available I was told that they had a special not on the board, a venison and blue cheese burger. Sounded intense but why the hell not. Venison is low fat, healthy option right? Wrong.

The burger came out and straight away there were a couple of things that hit me.

  1. The smell of blue cheese. There is no way the Winch made any money on this burger, there was 20 quid of blue cheese on it.
  2. The size of the pattie. Had to be 10oz at a minimum
  3. The ginormous chunks of tomato….

OK so in order to eat this thing I removed the tomato and the salad. TBH they weren’t really cut to make including them in a burger easy, and also I don’t really think they belonged there from a taste perspective either.

The bun was OK, a glazed brioche bun but from a shop-bought packet and had gone a little dry.

The Venison burger was super moist, very juicy, gamey and flavoursome which worked super well with the intense lashings of melted strong blue cheese.