This was one of Hubbox’s Christmas burgers. It contained:

  • Two patties
  • Pulled Pork
  • Brie
  • Tw0 giant onion rings

I had this with a side of Hubbox’s fantastic sweet potato fries (as usual) which are out of this world.

This was one of those massive burgers that you really needed to use a knife and fork for. The height was insane, even without the two giant onion rings because you’ve got 2 burgers, cheese and also a very heavy dollop of pulled pork too.

The overall taste was obviously very meaty from the beef with lots of (good) fat. Maybe a little over but you know, whatever.

The pulled pork in BBQ added sweetness with an acidic tang from the vinegar but created a nice viscosity due to the thickness of the sauce which held the burger fat to the burger.

The cheese added the creamy, dairy richness to cut through the sweet and sour.

The giant onion rings provided a sweet, crunchy respite from the massive, messy burger that was incredibly filling.

Not exactly the most festive of limited edition burgers but absolutely delicious.