This was one of Hubbox’s Christmas burgers. It contained:

  • One turkey snitzel
  • Cranberry
  • Onion
  • Brie
  • Rocket

I had this with a side of Hubbox’s fantastic sweet potato fries which are out of this world.

The burger itself was super decident. It had Hubbox’s trademark super soft, super fluffy brioche buns. These always feel and taste slightly steamed to me (they probably are under a bowl on the hot plate as all good burgers should be).

The snitzel, for those who don’t know is a bread crumbed, flattened turkey breast(?). Typically it’s pork but here because of festivities was turkey.

Another illustrious angle

The overall mouthfeel here was cream, there was a massive wedge of brie.

The onions were bright, and sweet as if they’d been candied but still had that acidic punch at the back.

The turkey was crispy and fatty and succulent and very tender.

Put it all together and it really was a fantastic festive burger. One of the best novelty burgers I’ve had actually.