While waiting for a meeting slot in the big smoke a colleague and I decided it might be a good idea to get some lunch.

I get into Paddington and the meeting was at Marylebone, that’s about 7 minutes away so not a huge amount of opportunity but as I stepped out of the station we came across the Sports Bar and thought why the hell not.

This was a perfectly adequate burger, totally overcooked but you get used to that (even though I asked for medium). Bun was fresh and the cheese was fine.

For a burger in London there are better options, but tbh it wasn’t awful either – just very average.

Unfortunately is was about 13 quid, and so that pushes the review into the uh-oh territory, as that’s kinda pricey for a poor burger with some fairly anemic fries and the sorriest plate of slaw I’ve ever seen.

At least it was served on a plate though.