It’s pretty rare that I get a burger review out on release day but alas, the McSpicy is here and I’ve eaten one!

First impressions, fairly unimpressive packaging and burger design. Normal paper wrap, seeded bun, shredded lettuce, mayo and a chicken fillet “burger”.

The Chicken Fillet / tender / Burger is actually kind of dry. Not the succulent outer crumb of the selects or other maccies chicken burgers but thankfully the inside was plenty moist enough. The mayo and lettuce absolutely necessary to make it edible.

Interestingly all the spice here was in that crumb / breading and not the sauce. And spicy it was! I suspect a habanero based pepper was used as it’s certainly a slow building throat burner, and I’d say somewhere near 5-10k on the scoville scale (based on history of hot sauce).

I think tbh this burger needed something underneath the chicken and the bun, just to add some more moisture and improve the mouthfeel.

Was certainly a pleasurable burger but not the event that I usually expect from flagship “special” burgers from MCDonald’s.

McSpicy Nutrition

  • Energy522kcal
  • Protein24g
  • Total Fat25g
  • Saturated Fat5.1g
  • Cholesterol75mg
  • Carbohydrates50g
  • Dietary Fibres3g
  • Sodium1280mg