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McDonald’s McCrispy

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It’s taken me a while but here we have the McDonald’s McCrispy.

I wasn’t in a massive rush to try this burger as I kind of assumed it would be like all of the other premium or special edition McDonald’s burgers over the years however I had heard the new coating needed to really be tried and so I set out to give this one ago.

First impressions where the bun was obviously unique in the shape and size but had the familiar texture of a Big Mac bun covered in sesame seeds and also the burger itself looked unfamiliar in terms of McDonald’s chicken burgers however still had that resemblance to a chicken select.

There was a difference in smell though, there was clearly more seasoning and the mayo was also a little different, there was clearly a slight dark colour to it and some seasoning throughout.

Other than the burger and the mayo there is just a little shredded lettuce so a fairly standard and simple burger considering the premium price tag.

Immediate impressions on first bite where that the burger itself was different to a chicken select and had a lot more pepper and probably quite a bit more salt was also significantly flatter which gave it that extra crisp I suspect it probably is a double sized select but simply flattened out.

Pretty sure the mayo is different and quite enjoyed the additional seasoning in that it was certainly a little creamier to my palette.

Overall very enjoyable. Is it worth £5.50? probably not, if I had a voucher offer in the app I would probably choose this over a number of other burgers in the McDonald’s menu though.

Our Summary
Not a bad burger to mix up the chicken offerings, but doesn't justify the high price tag.
I am a burger fanatic, love junk food in general but there's something special about a burger. I am owner and chief burger taster for this website.

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