As you all by now know, with some drive throughs reopening, queues are mental at every McDonalds, Burger King etc.
Supermarkets are a funless risky endevor and are something you only want to do once a week, if at all.

This, for me, has left a massive gap in burger availability and left me wanting to create a basic burger for which I needed for ingredients, were cheap (after all we are in a recession) but still tastes fantastic. Cue the QGB.

The idea is simple, few ingredients, cheap overall cost, quick to cook.

Recently Tesco have been creating these new Brioche burger buns. They’re actually sticky they have so much glaze and the texture of the dough is more like a panetone than a Briohce but boy oh boy are they nice, especially toasted.

So they come in a pack of 4 for £1. That’s buns sorted. (this isn’t the correct product for the buns, they’re baked in store but I don’t have a pic)

Next up is cheese. So we’re still in Tesco, and they have a new cheese supplier on the budget end called Creamfields Dairy. Sure this is not a good cheese, but it’s a plastic cheese slice so who cares. How can a 30p plastic cheese slice be any better than a 5p? They’re both basically chemicals right?. We’re in for another 50p for 10 slices. oosh.

Neck up are gerkins. Buy a nice big jar of sliced gerkins. for £1.20 you’ll have enough for 20 burgers. 6p each.

Ketchup and mustard I’m gonna assume you have that.

Finally the meat. Now there’s a lot of fancy burger recipes out there, but tbh I like my patties to be pretty basic. I’m a fan of a 20% fat burger, usually made up of chuck and flank, but this is really to try and get to that ratio of fat.

In a hurry there’s an easy option, Tesco 20% mince. £1.55 gets you 500g of 20% mince. Good for 4 burgers.

The process:

Take a quarter of a pack of mince, roll into a ball. Flatten and make a dip in the middle. Start heating the pan, dry.

Now take your brioche, cut in half and heat in toaster on pop tart setting (lowest).

Once pan is up to heat (smoking hot) pop your burger in. Leave alone for 5 minutes. Add salt and pepper to the top (uncooked side).

Take bun from toaster and add ketchup and bustard to top side, and then a gerkin slice folded in half to cover bun.

Now after the 5 minutes is up, flip burger, now cook for 4 minutes, again salt and pepper.

Once 4 minutes is up pop burger onto bottom bun and add cheese slice, top with the top (and sauces / pickle) and put into microwave for 15-20 seconds.

Remove and enjoy a juicy, cheap, meaty, no frills gourmet tasting burger. It will be juicy..

Total cost: Approx 75p!