Yes, yes, it’s a McDonalds burger, I know, how very inspiring. But here me out.

This Burger marks my first McDonalds since Covid-19 kicked off and so ends the hiatus of Burger Reviewing, hurray!

Still not super comfortable with sitting and dining In a MCD’s I opted for a take-away.

I was planning on just getting a Big Mac, or maybe even a Quarter Pounder, but when I got to the kiosk I spotted a new burger (which I didn’t think they were doing atm). The Spicy Quarter Pounder.

Is this a burger that’s laced with paprika and asian spices? Is the sauce infused with hot sauce, or maybe some ghost chilli or something exotic?

No, it’s a quarter pounder with some jalapeños on top.

Turns out despite liking jalapeños, and quarter pounders, I don’t actually want them together. Kind of ruins the thing.