It’s actually been pretty difficult to get into Hubbox. Despite them having a large two story building in Taunton only the bottom is usually open.

To ensure I could finally get in to try their now fairly-locally-famous burgers I booked a table. Disappointingly on arriving somebody else had taken my reservation and I was then asked to wait while another table became available. No offer of a free drink or anything just a kind of tough-luck vibe so if you have a celebration or important meal you may want to consider that.

Luckily the wait was only about 10 minutes (interestingly we were told 30 mins for a table before they knew I’d reserved).

All moaning aside the food came out within 30 minutes, despite usually ordering a cheeseburger I went for a “pit burger”, effectively a BBQ cheeseburger with added brisket. Who doesn’t love brisket?

How soft is that bun?

The burger is unique and exciting to behold. The first thing that hits you is the incredibly soft brioche bun, it’s almost collapsing under its own weight.

The pattie is 6 oz, thick and well done. I’m more than happy with that, it’s still super juicey.

There’s more than ample American cheese and a really thick chopped slaw and of course plenty of well done, almost burned brisket ends.

Overall the flavour is great, super fresh bread, fatty cheese, really juicy burger and plenty of creamy crunch from the slaw.

The final tasting notes and the overall strongest flavour in the burger is definitely that of pepper from the slow-smoked brisket with the final tang of sweet BBQ sauce.

Everything together blends nicely and for a £9.95 burger it lives up to the price but you have high expectations anyway, so you leave satisfied but not amazed.

Good value for money for sure and still a cheap and filling meal even if you do skip the sides.