Hungy Horse is not known for quality, it is known for massive portions and strange combinations. This burger is both.

This burger forms part of a new collection of odd burgers.

Do you like burgers? Do you like steak? Do you like fried peppers? If the answer to all of these is yes you may or may not like this burger.

If we break it down what we have here is a normal burger topped with nacho cheese instead of american or cheddar. This is fine.

Add to that some burger sauce, still fine. The sauce was I’m fairly sure the Heinz variety and that tastes good enough for me anyway.

The peppers were an odd addition. The tastes just like any grilled peppers you’d have on a sizzler hot plate or something and tasted nice enough, but a bit weird in a burger given the other ingredients.

Then take a 4-6oz rump steak and stick it on top. Does it work? Kinda. You see a steak can be super rare, tender and melt in the mouth or it can be a bit tough and overcooked or just a tough cut. In this instance despite being almost rare it was still a little on the tough side, that makes eating it as a burger a little hard as with each bite you really have to take away an entire slice of steak, which is a lot extra to east considering you already have a big old mouthful of burger.

The burger itself was OK. A bit overdone, a bit dry, a bit bulked out.

The bread was equally OK. Nothing to write home about.

All in all an OK burger, wouldn’t eat again though.