At this point there is no way that you haven’t heard of Five Guys, the incredibly popular and Famous burger restaurant that has made it all the way throughout the UK after enormous success in America.

The beauty of Five Guys is their incredibly simple pricing model you simply select the size of burger you require and then you have the choice of up to 15 toppings for absolutely free.

Many people believe that Five Guys is named so because it takes 5 people to make your burger however the truth is the original restaurant was the owner and his four sons and so you’re commonly find just one or two people making your burger.

After visiting Manchester for a music concert I was pretty hungry so late at night I decided to get as close to a simple cheeseburger as I could.

Five guys are known for their incredibly soft bun and this was absolutely the case here, with two well seasoned smash burgers well done and lashings of American cheese between. I opted for some onions lettuce tomato and of course pickles with just a little ketchup.

Five Guys Burgers are incredibly consistent and this one tasted just like the last double cheeseburger I ordered from the restaurant in an entirely different City.

I rate five guys has pretty much the fast food joint to beat the only criticism I do have is it their burgers are fairly pricey for takeaway, but worth every penny.