We had planned our annual holiday this year to go to the Netherlands and spend a week in the Centre Parcs there. To get there we would be road tripping.

This involves us using the Euro-tunnel and then driving across the top of France and Belgium before settling in the Netherlands.

Our train was early doors and so we stayed in a Holiday Inn the night before in Kent.

Obviously with the opportunity to have a burger for dinner, I went for a burger.

There was a bunch of options but I fancied the halloumi burger which surprisingly also came with 2 patties.

There isn’t much to write home about here. A fairly dry bun, tomato and lettuce with some mayo, 2 fairly low quality patties (which I’m fairly sure were pork and beef) and a big wedge of halloumi.

I don’t think this was cheap either – at about 13 quid I’ve definitely had better.