Being from deep down in the south west, I don’t get the opportunity to use Deliveroo very often, nor do I get the treat that is Five Guys all to often either (unless visiting a city).

So, imagine my delight when up at the office (in Chester) and I realised that not only do they do Deliveroo, but Five Guys are on there too.

While working away eating out is a weird thing. You get an allowance but sitting there on your own feels, well, a little tragic and so I usually opt for take-away anyway, mainly so I can eat it in my room and watch a film or something.

Five guys being delivered is awesome, all the positives with none of the negatives.

The burger here was the usual Five Guys fayre, I opted for some seasoned fries, some jalapenos, some pickles and some bacon but otherwise we’re looking at the familiar double cheeseburger stack.

It looks and eats just as it would have done eating in, or taking away – travels perfectly well and still nice and soft / moist when it got to me.

The usual medium cook means plenty of juice and lovely pink meat along with that oh-so-tasty sauce.