The Cow N Chicken Burger

Another great visit to Cow N Bun, a visit of two halves, the burger and the visit itself. Let’s start with the burger…

The Cow n Chicken is a mix of two of my favourite things, beef burger and fried chicken.

Both of these elements are done exceptionally well at Cow n Bun.

The burger comprises of

  • The CNB seeded burger roll, just as delicious as last time I visited, soft, fresh glazed, moist etc. Toasted on the plate before building.
  • Some delicious baconnaise
  • The chuck / brisket (15-20% fat) seasoned 28 days hung beef patty (we had before)
  • A 24 hour buttermilk / seasoning rested flattened chicken thigh that’s then deep fat fried
  • American cheese
  • BBQ Sauce

So, last time I had the double stack. That was almost impossible to eat due to the insane amount of cheese. This thing just looked super dense. There wasn’t the cheese ooze of before, and due to only having the single patty it wasn’t anywhere near as greasy.

There was still plenty of sauce, layering the burger and visible on the outsides (and of course plenty of juice and moisture due to the way the burger is steamed after) there was no way it was going to be dry but straight away it was a far easier burger to handle.

What was obvious and intriguing was the addition of the chicken thigh. Totally flattened it was actually massive, could have easily been confused for a butterfly chicken breast. The coating on the outside was very dark brown in colour, thick and heavily seasoned. You could smell it, you could almost taste it upon unwrapping the burger.

This is nothing like a KFC chicken anything tbh, it’s far crispier, far darker and has way more flavour in the coating. The stand out flavour was certainly pepper but there were plenty of other subtle undertones of flavour.

The chicken inside was very very juicy, which was surprising as the outside had remained so crispy. Between the fibres of the chicken you could actually see and taste the buttermilk seeping through. A very delicious burger on it’s own, hell I’d buy a box of just those chicken thigh patties if they sold them.

The beef was the same as before really but had lost some of its prominence due to the very strong peppery flavour of the coating. Something I enjoyed actually was the battle of the meaty fatty patty and the creamy spicy chicken.

The BBQ sauce added an acidity which cut through it all and the baconnaise a cooling, creamy, binding experience.

The cheese was there, it wasn’t the star of the show, I like american cheese though and where I noticed it was as it mixed in with the BBQ covered and coated the peaks and cracks of the crispy chicken thigh.

Overall the burger was delicious. I love BBQ sauce, it had a fight on its hands here being a stand out flavour with that spicy chicken having just so much going on but all in all everything worked really well together. Definitely will be hard to avoid the temptation of ordering this again next time.

The Visit

Whoa, there’s 10 people already waiting inside, a delivery driver turns up too and the hot plate is entirely fulled. It is BUSY.

The same two guys are working but 8pm on a Wednesday is very different to 4pm on a Friday. They are clearly under pressure.

I wait a while and people are being cleared from the shop fairly quickly, almost everyone is getting multiple burgers and fries. Clearly a popular night for couples to eat burgers in Bridgwater.

It transpires they have a deal for 20 quid where you get 2 double burgers, 1 jalapeno sauce fries, 1 garlic butter fries and any 2 drinks. A great deal actually when a double burger is 8 quid on its own.