Yes you read that right, our second adventure with a donut burger. It would have been ideal to face off with a real burger (i.e. Beef) but this combo was only available at “Just Chicken” at Alton Towers and while I have been torn about whether to put it on this very website as it’s not beef, I thought I’d make the exception to ensure that if you’re visiting Alton Towers, you know its there.

At 8.95 for the meal deal, it’s fairly reasonable for a theme park meal. you get some nice fried and a medium coke with it and tbh that’s plenty as there are a number of cals in this thing.

So it’s a donut bun (cut in half), fried coated chicken, cheese, lettuce and to make things extra extra sweet the entire thing is coated in maple syrup (which is probably really palm oil and sucralose or something but I’m gonna pretend it’s Canada’s finest).

The actual logistics to eating this cleanly are difficult, you have sticky sugar, maple and the sauce to contend with in addition to some slippery ingredients inside. Pick up napkins.

Flavour wise it was actually pretty sweet (literally). But once you’re past the sweetness you have the crunchy chicken, the fresh lettuce and nice flavoursome kraft cheese to help stick it all together.

Surely a novelty burger and wouldn’t recommend eating this every day, but as a one off and a surprisingly affordable meal at Alton Towers its a winner from me.

Now, back to beef….