I know, you probably didn’t want to click this post. What kind of sad excuse of a burger is this?

OK you don’t expect too much from a Kid’s adventure park, and this burger came as a part of actually quite a generous meal. The burger, chips and drink actually only cost 5 quid, which for a captive customer is a pretty decent deal.

The chips were pretty close to chip shop chips, the drink could have been a whole glass of Cola, yes Cola (so opted for juice) and then the burger.

The main issue with this thing is that it was super dry. The patty was over done and tbh I’m not sure how much beef is in here. There was a clear very strong taste of pork and I’m fairly sure plenty of rusk too.

We have a cheese slice on top and on the bottom (original) and that’s it. No sauce, no lettuce, no tomato, no pickle, no onion no mustard. Nope, just burger-ish and cheese. OK then.

The bun though, a decent fresh glazed brioche. This really is a very bi-polar burger.

If you add some ketchup and mustard and took it for what it was, actually quite a tasty thing. Sometimes you don’t want a really crunchy or juicy burger, kind of scratches that McDonald’s cheeseburger itch.

So, perfect for budget family eating but don’t expect a gourmet experience. The chips though, they were bloody lovely.