There are many many reasons that I love GBK and so it breaks my heart to read about them closing stores and doing generally fairly badly currently, because their business setup and burger quality is awesome.

One of the main reasons I love the place is that it is super family friendly. In this instance I took my 2 year old here as we needed a snack. She already had eaten some lunch but was a bit peckish and I was famished.

GBK itemise everything, so I was able to order a burger (how I liked it) for me and some tiny thin fries for her. These are very thin, like 1/4 the width of a french fry and so she thought they were great and generally hilarious.

GBK also allow you to order from your table, which when looking after a toddler on your own is a massive benefit.

Also they offer you table water and don’t shirk / get offended if you don’t want to drink beer at 11am or pay 5 quid for soda.

My burger, the usual, as close to a cheeseburger as I could get, was just how I like it. Soft bun, great tasty cheese but with a fat freshly made patty cooked pink and juicy.

I should really separate medium burgers to well done because it changes everything. Firstly it adds so much juice and flavour but secondarily it means the burgers have been minced freshly, within the last 24 hours and so that means you can rely on freshness.

Suffice to say this was delicious, caramelised, juicy, tasty, salty…. It’s an A grade burger.

GBK, I love you, you are a family favourite.