On another of my business jaunts to Chester I had my overnight allowance to spend and rather than the usual healthy sushi or pho or noodles I usually go for (otherwise every time I travel I end up eating 2k calories and get fatter) I decided that Deliveroo had way too many burger joints that I have yet to check out.

Burger Shed appeared to be one of the better options, boasting gourmet burgers at a decent price point with good review scores and a good food hygiene score it had me interested.

All the photos I could find online showed these huge thick burgers with absolutely giant brioche buns, which I definitely do like. My preference for patty size is either super thin or super thick (and cooked medium).

Where possible I usually order a cheeseburger for review, it’s a standard and gives me a good control.

At 8 GBP the Burger Shed Cheeseburger is right at the average price I’d expect, and ingredients are:

beef patty, American cheese, shed sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion

When it comes to meat quality we have their official blurb:

We are a US inspired UK take on a classic New York burger joint in an industrial meets vintage interior. We serve locally sourced brisket & skirt burgers alongside the best hot dogs, milk shakes & craft beers. We are a restaurant with table service, however a take away service is also available.

This gives insight into the patty blend, brisket and skirt is fairly UK typical, with skirt being used instead of chuck. Chuck is from the shoulder and Skirt is from the chest / belly and is likely to be a little fattier.

So how did the thing taste and eat. Well actually it was very nice. The patty had probably overcooked a little due to travel, however it was still juicy. It had a very strong meaty flavour and had some heavy pepper seasoning.

The salad was fresh but generally fairly standard and uninspiring.

The cheese was the usual American Cheese slice.

The bun was massive and very nice, thick, fresh and almost cakey. Obviously as a brioche it was fully enriched and that really did come though in the flavour profile.

The extra sponginess helped soak up some of the juice but the extra thickness meant that the bun didn’t fall apart

Now, in addition to the burger I also ordered some house salad and some brisket balls.

The house salad, even with the salad dressing was a bit basic. I ate a few leaves of lettuce and left the rest to be honest. I’ve had worse but I just didn’t get a lot of flavour out of it. It may be though that I just wasn’t in a a salady kinda of mood).

The Briket balls though, oh man the Brisket balls. 4 large fried balls of Brisket, with a crispy breadcrumb coating. These things were soooooo good.

I really couldn’t believe how delicious these tasted. If they made a larger one, flattened it into a patty and put it in a burger it would be endgame.

So in conclusion this is a great takeaway in Chester. Nothing mad (except for how delicious the Brisket balls were), but a very solid and delicious burger for a reasonable price. I’m sure it’ll become a favourite of mine.