As you’re no doubt aware, of all the businesses which have been hit hard due to Covid-19, the burger restaurant is right up there.

Good news though, with the recent announcement of the slight easing of restrictions, burger chains are getting ready to open en-mass.

You see drive-thu’s are probably the most ideal of any fast food chain to enforce social distancing. You stay in your car, you order without touching anything and the handover can be heavily protected.

Officially chains such as Mc Donalds have confirmed they will re-open just 15 stores as of the 13th, but with all the competition getting ready to open all franchises and stores (including Subways, Burger King, KFC etc.) it is likely that all McDonald’s will be reopened by the end of the month with limited menus (to protect the livelihood of the franchise owners).

Speaking at the government’s daily press conference from Downing Street, Environment Secretary George Eustice said that the government had not stipulated that chains that offered drive-through and takeaway services needed to close.

“Our view is that a McDonald’s drive-through is made for social distancing, in that people do not leave their car and people pass a bag of food to them through a kiosk.

“It is quite possible for these venues to re-open safely.

“We never stipulated that they should close. We have learned a lot from supermarkets and other food outlets about how you can do social distancing and do it well.