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Burger Hack #BR1 – £1.98 McCluck and Moo Burger

It’s time for something a bit different and a bit of fun. As you’re all aware in McDonalds you can customise your burgers. Even within a single burger it’s possible to get something pretty different simply by mixing up the sauces and fillings. But what if you combine burgers and customisations?

Introducing our new feature – Burger Hacks! and first up is this original (and very cheap) concoction of chicken and beef. The £ 1.98 McCluck and Moo Burger.

So in essence this is a 99p cheeseburger and a 99p chicken burger that have been added together. But you are going to want to do some finagling to the beef burger to get the taste on point otherwise you’ll have ketchup, mayo, mustard all doing a dance in your mouth and you don’t really want mary-rose sauce on your chicken or your beef tbh.

With these customs I do have a bit of a rule, only customise one burger in any order. It’s a PITA for the employees to make and so feels a little unfair to be making them jump through hoops to make multiple custom stacks (I’d rather split over multiple orders).

You’ve got a couple of options with stacking, either go meat on meat (eew that sounds wrong), or utilise the bottom of the cheeseburger as a kind of makeshift club (yes that’s the proper name for the middle bit. The top is called the crown and the bottom the heel.

I prefer this with cheese, but you can eat it without to lose 60-70 cals. Remember you want mayo and shredded lettuce, as that will come with your chicken burger anyway.

Other alternatives for sauces could be to use a small tub of BBQ, or maybe sweet chilli? You could always add some bacon to the chicken and have a kind of crazy hunters chicken.

Go experiment, go have fun.

I am a burger fanatic, love junk food in general but there's something special about a burger. I am owner and chief burger taster for this website.

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