I’ve decided that Monday to Friday I’m on the healthy eating wagon, which is fine, until I know I need to walk past one of my favourite burger joints.

Taking my daughter and mum for a spot of shopping at Clarkes Village the heavens began to open and so a spot of early lunch to keep the mini happy was a great idea.

My mum definitely doesn’t do burgers, but I felt like I’d convinced her to at least try a deconstructed burger salad.

The wife had eaten the Satay Chicken bunless burger with salad before and it was great, why would the beef be any different.

We both chose the Classic beef bunless burger with salad and slaw. No cheese, no dirty sides. It felt wrong, it felt like dissapointment was looking but what’s the worst that could happen.

The plate of food that arrived looked great, super colourful, a nice charred burger and some lovely looking homemade slaw.

The burger wasn’t medium really as I’d like, it was almost well done but in the context of a salad it was fine. I’m not sure I’d actually want a plate of salad leaves and blood.

The salad had the usual leaves but a sprinkling of pomegranate added to the appeal.

The slaw had long shreds rather than chunky and was surprisingly but pleasingly thinner.

There was also a nice sweet relish with plenty of acidity to cut through all of the fatty and creamy notes in the meal.

Not much more to say really. Not actually a proper burger but a tasty choice if you fancy a burger but don’t want to fall off the wagon.