As a burger fiend it’s not often anything burger related confuses or surprises me, but when I spotted that a empty butchers in Taunton was becoming a place called “Adam’s Wet Burgers” I was a little “wtf is a wet burger?”

A little reading online and from Eat Your World a wet burger is apparently:

What: A beloved Istanbul street food, the ıslak hamburger—a.k.a. the wet burger—is not, as we’d hoped, the Turkish equivalent of a French dip sandwich. But it’s a no less addictive, slider-size burger composed of a meat patty (usually beef) on a soft white bun that’s doused with a garlicky, vaguely Italian tomato-based sauce…and then left to sweat among its burger brethren inside a steam box until served to a customer. Don’t worry, these burgers are so popular they’re never left in that box for too long—particularly in the wee hours of the night.


OK so a wet burger is a turkish street food. A slider that’s been covered in a garlic / tomato sauce and then steamed.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was interested and a little bit excited. I may have called up the shop 4 times in the last week asking about when they were opening… What can I say, I love burgers and I’ve skipped breakfast to bank the cals for one.

Now I admit, they do look a little ugly to some, but so does a lot of food I like so will reserve judgement.

You can visit their site here: Review to follow